Self-Care Rest Trip for the Soul: Cities to Explore

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Self-Care Rest Trip for the Soul: Cities to Explore

Never taken a self-care trip before? It’s time to put your traveling hat on because a reset vacation can work wonders for your mind, body, and soul. You’ll say goodbye to your stresses, explore with spontaneity, and come back ready to tackle your life with energy and enthusiasm. And if you’ve been looking for inspiration, We’re The Wilsons breaks down excellent cities to travel to when hunting for self-care. Let’s get into it.


Why You Need a Self-Care Vacation

According to the American Psychological Association, one in three Americans is stressed. And the reality is most people don’t do anything about their stress, which can eventually lead to burnout and significant mental health concerns. Taking a reset vacation is an effective tool you can use every now and again to combat the stresses and pressures of everyday life. You’ll be able to live your life the way you like it, without worrying about deadlines and responsibilities. Add in a few self-care activities and fantastic attractions, and you’ll find yourself a better employee, parent, and friend. Traveling also adds spontaneity, which is critical for the soul to feel revived and energized. All in all, taking a self-care vacation can benefit pretty much anybody. Want some traveling inspiration? Below are four cities that offer excellent reset opportunities.


Houston, Texas

Pampering yourself is easy in Houston. From state-of-the-art float pods to boozy haircut and massage opportunities, you’ll be able to self-care in unique new ways. The city also has its fair share of spas, retreats, and nature activities. If you’re a sports fan, you need to take in a game at the Angel Stadium (let’s go Astros!). Finding discounted tickets online is easy – all you need to do is filter by date, price range, and seat rating. Be sure to use the interacting seating chart feature some online ticket sellers offer. This will let you get a 360-degree view of your seat before finalizing your purchase.


Grand Canyon, Arizona

According to Taking Charge, there’s nothing like the beauty of nature to relax our mind and spirit. A trip to the Grand Canyon is an absolute must for nature lovers. With endless views and stunning rocks, you will be mesmerized taking it all in. Be sure to stop at some of the luxury spas surrounding the area or partake in supervised rock climbing or adventure activities.


Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs has been the getaway of choice for many a celebrity, and it’s easy to see why. The always-sunny paradise has a variety of dining options and wellness retreats and spas, meaning there’s something for everyone. A visit to the mineral hot springs will be an absolute must as will exploring the unique mid-century modern architecture.


Knoxville, Tennessee

This small town in Tennessee is a great escape from everyday life. Its tree-lined streets and historic architecture will have you falling in love, while the Southern charm is extra icing on the top. The bluegrass festival season is a particularly special time to visit, as the area comes alive with music and cheer. If you’re looking to reset your body, the town also has plenty of nature trails and amazing views of the Smoky Mountains, which will revive your spirit in no time! If you’re looking to move somewhere new, Knoxville has a growing job market, which is definitely an added benefit.

Amidst today’s hectic hustle culture, social life cycle, and the past two years living in a pandemic, the need for a vacation has become universal. But instead of spending your time cramming in crowded and hectic activities, try to use your trip as a week to truly rejuvenate. That means no intense schedules, stress-inducing itineraries, or doing anything you don’t want to do. Happy traveling!

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